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Pauline is an Inbound Internet Marketer, working with Allen Cole. She is passions include content creation, blogging and website development. She combines these aspects of her passion in her day to day activities at Allen Cole. Pauline

Pauline is the CEO at Allen Cole, also consults for iWork and Elite Writers Hub. She works with small and medium size organizations to increase their visibility online through corporate blogging, content creation, website development and social media engagement.

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iWork Tech Camp: How Safe are Your Children Online??

Your children are digital natives. They’ve grown up with the internet and smart gadgets. They have no concept of what life was like without them. They’re completely at home with technology: using a mouse or touchscreen to navigate is as much a life skill as learning to read and write. In fact, they tend to learn to use a touchscreen way before they can read or write, using colours, images and symbols instead of words to navigate around apps and websites in order to get to a video or game they like. As a parent several questions weigh on...

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A Leaf Worth Borrowing – The NFL Team That is Solving Millennials

A while back I had the pleasure of listening to Irene Kinuthia, Director of Coaching Strathmore Business School speak on an topic that I found both interesting and informative – “Engagement in Multigenerational Workplace.” She ably highlighted what may seem like an obvious observation – the various generations in most organizations workforce and even in families, and the traits in each generation.  It was after listening to her that I understood some “nobody understands me” conversations I had with my parents, siblings and now my children. My parents are somewhere between traditionalists and  baby boomers, 2 of my siblings...

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My 3 Words in 2015: Steady. Self. Community.

My first encounter with summarising new year resolutions in “My 3 Words” was in 2012 after reading Chris Brogan’s Blog. My 3 words that year were “Unlearn * Learn * Adopt” which I explained in details in a post titled  – New Year Resolutions in Style: Just 3 Words for 2012. In 2013 and 2014, sadly I did not summarise them in this fashion. 2013 saw me take a step back to evaluate on whether I was on the right path in business and saw me do more ghost writing jobs than inbound marketing assignments. Having given up my...

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Youth Employment in Kenya:Are you Suffering From Paralysis of Analysis?

I first heard this term “Paralysis of analysis” from Pastor Ben Courson in a sermon at the on going Springboard Convention 2014 at Citam Valley Road.  Simply put it is the phenomenon of taking no risks due to fear of failure.  So in a misguided way, you choose not to try anything least you fail. Could this be what most of us are suffering from to the extent that we have infected our youth leading to fewer job opportunities being created hence low youth employment in Kenya? If you take a trip down memory lane and read up on...

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SEO is Dead….OC/DC in its Place

When I saw this heading ….SEO is Dead on a tweet, for a moment there was spinning followed by a long pause before I could bring myself to click on the link to read the article. Understand where am coming from, Search Engine Optimization – SEO has been on of our differentiating selling point for Content and Website Development Services. So this heading for me stopped time, with me contemplating on what next. But after gathering guts, I continued to read article. According to Sean Jackson SEO is officially dead, in his article he continued to explain…. Not the SEO...

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