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Pauline is an Inbound Internet Marketer, working with Allen Cole. She is passions include content creation, blogging and website development. She combines these aspects of her passion in her day to day activities at Allen Cole. Pauline

Pauline is the CEO at Allen Cole, also consults for iWork and Elite Writers Hub. She works with small and medium size organizations to increase their visibility online through corporate blogging, content creation, website development and social media engagement.

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As the World Celebrates Social Media Its Time to Consider Social Media Careers in Kenya

Today is the Social Media Day, started 5 years ago by Mashable an online technology news service. Here in Kenya, we were not left behind with a meetup organized at Nailab and on Google+. This is a clear indication of how connected the world has become and how global influences are catching up with us and affecting our way of live both socially and in business. One of the areas that have adversely been affected by emergence of social media is doing business. Entrepreneurs whether big or small can no longer ignore this new media. They have to embrace...

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New Experiences Enrich Your Life – Train Ride Experience

Living life is about trying out new things and today is one of those days that I can say I have truly lived. Due to some unfortunate turn of events a while back, I had to move to a residential area I had previously considered less rosy. And after getting over the shock and adopting to the new environment  I settled in. One of the challenges of living here, has been traffic jam. If I leave the house at 7am and use Jogoo road, the earliest I get to town is 8.30 am. I get to the office fatigued,...

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Going Cashless is not Necessarily Painless!!!!

Losing twenty two Kenya shillings in a single transaction may not be much but it is the principal of the thing that matters….. Let me bring you to speed then just may be you see why it matters…. Lately, there has been this fade if I may call it so, going around in the matatu industry that very soon – namely from 1st July, 2014. That all Matatu Saccos are required to be operating cashless.I wonder if you have been caught up in it or at least heard about of it??? May be, may be not….those who live where...

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New Year Resolutions 2014 – Do You Need to Have Them?

As we came to a close of 2013, I got to review my activities for the 12 months period that constituted that year, so that I could come up with a solid road map for 2014. One thing however, that struck me as odd – at the beginning of 2013, I had not written down any resolutions. So I got wondering how it was that I never committed to a specific plan for that year……then it dawned on me….. We often take for grant the ability to come up with New Year resolutions. Most of the time we see...

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Social Media Engagement Tips That Might Just Get You Unstuck

Our engagement on social media is largely dependent on who our mentor is or what we read as the right way to engage on the multiple social platforms in order to get it right. The only problem with this is that they are very many self proclaimed social media gurus. And a newbie would not know where to start or who is really pointing in the right direction. Reading a lot is one of those hobbies you have to adopt in order to keep you with information online and by doing so, you will with time learn which sources...

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