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Pauline is an Inbound Internet Marketer, working with Allen Cole. She is passions include content creation, blogging and website development. She combines these aspects of her passion in her day to day activities at Allen Cole. Pauline

Pauline is the CEO at Allen Cole, also consults for iWork and Elite Writers Hub. She works with small and medium size organizations to increase their visibility online through corporate blogging, content creation, website development and social media engagement.

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The Amazing Content Created and Shared Online in 60 Seconds

As an Inbound Internet Marketer one of the things I look forward to is getting someone to spot and read the content I created and/or shared online, be it a blog post, an image or a video. This however does not always happen, there are times I will get some reactions or comments from a post, other times there is notable traffic to a specific post, then there are those times, when absolutely nothing happens…. Now this infographic Online in 60 Seconds paints a too real picture on the activities that go on online in one tiny second. so...

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Draw Audience to Your Website Through Content Creation in Kenya

Content creation in Kenya is the most sure way of drawing audience to your website from organic searches. An organic search is when an internet user types a word or a phrase in Google or any other search engine to find answers to a question. The search engine will in turn search through its data base for relevant topics/pages which are most likely to provide a solution to the question asked. As a website owner, the one most important tool you have is content creation. This can be in the form of:- Articles Videos Images Audio Music And the more...

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No Secret Recipe to Success in SEO

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is one of those strategies that have been so hyper over time that it even sounds old. The thing is it is never going to be old as it is a very essential fabric of any website that wants to be found online. Are there websites that are built without SEO? There challenge this poses for the website is getting found online through organic or natural searches. For such a website, you would have to be knowing the URL to access it. This limits the number of visitors to the website and also diminishes...

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Social Media in Kenya: Are Your Efforts a Miss or a Hit

As a savvy marketer, am sure you are already aware that you must include social media in Kenya  in your online marketing strategy. And must have already put in place a method to the madness, but is it working or has it become a source of nightmare for you and your marketing team?You must have identified the channels that can best work for your brand, narrowed down on the perfect timing to catch your audience online and gone ahead to earnestly create content. All the above efforts are awesome, however how are these activities translating to tangibles results? Identifying...

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Making Healthy Eating a Way of Life

Today is Day 3 since I started going to the gym last week on Thursday. I choose to take the weekend off to give my body some reprieve after going through a harsh reality check on day 1 and 2. And it worked, after using enough “deep freeze” spray on Saturday and Sunday, today morning the world seemed more friendly…I was able to literally jog down the stairs to the delight of my son… who by the way still does not understand why I have to keep going back to that gym ( he says it with disdain) which...

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