Pauline Mwangi - All about Business Blogging  Hello and welcome to my website.

Being on the internet like most people was my favorite pass time. And I have spent a good amount of time in the social media sites being very social. It is a perfect place to keep track of what friends and family are up to without really leaving my comfort zone or costing too much.

Early 2011, I was introduced to the business side of the internet and instantaneously  loved the potential it held. You have to understand for a person who has new business ideas with every passing day, the internet sounded like the perfect playing field. And it truly is.

Inbound marketing has since become my passion, you may term as obsession – the difference is the same. And in addition, I love the idea of having my own – self hosted space that i could write and express myself to my heart’s content.So be warned you might come across some views in this blog that you don’t necessarily agree with but guess what that the beauty of owing a blog.

So last year, I started off with a blog mainly concentrating on tips on healthy pregnancy and baby development and this has grown over time and with great results I might add. This blog gave me an opportunity to put into practice SEO article writing skills and the results were amazing.

Then I started to explore further into the world of Inbound marketing, and boy!! was I overwhelmed by how much more use for the internet there was especially for businesses. Social Media Marketing became a passion and though it most businesses have quite taken to it, it is a powerful tool to use.

SEO Content Creation and Web Development are two aspects of inbound marketing I have come enjoy. And to further try to exploit the potential these two and other aspects here in Kenya, I launched 2 brands namely iMarketing Hub and Allen Cole  Consultants I must say we are on the right track.

The best thing I love about the internet, is the ability to leverage. It gives an equal platform to both multimillion dollar corporates and start ups to launch and market their products. It is the one place your financial muscle does not necessarily assure you instant success.

So if you are starting out today or have had this business for some time now, the internet holds the key to your  business success. Just venture out and put the internet to work for you.

For more on inbound marketing and its effectiveness pertaining to your business, email me: [email protected],  also leave a comment on any of my articles and I will be delighted to engage with you.