In many ways looking back at 2011 brings about nostalgic  feelings.There were events that took place which changed my life forever in ways I had never thought possible. Good ways I might add.

2011 – A Defining Year

2011 was also a monument year for my daughter, Nicole who was sitting her class eight exams. It also marked the beginning of her teenage , meaning she becomes a voice to reckon with in my house. Boy am I dreading this season of her life, anyway my  knees will have to bruise a bit more, for without God’s hand in this one I might just perish. (Not that you are a bad girl Nicole but a soldier does not start training for war when the war is on going.)

At this juncture, I beg to dwell a bit on what it means to have your child in class eight in the current 8-4-4 system for a parent. One, tonnes of homework, tonnes of homework n more homework. Then lots of examinations, tests, cuts, trials or which ever other glossy name your child’s school want to call it. Then there is remedial and holiday tuition, parent-teacher meetings.

In a nut shell, the whole of that year, as a parent you put your life on hold as on individual and as a family for the due this monster –  KCPE. So My 5 year old son, Allen and I had no social life needless to say so did my candidate daughter. Our family pass time revolved around doing this or that assignment.

And now with the new year, there is more to worry about given that we have to wait for the bureaucrats in the education ministry to decide the fate of my daughter’s future. How uncool!!! nayway Thank God all that effort was not lost, she passed well and we await her school admission letter to a good high school.

An Accidental Millionaire Idea Birthed in 2011

I had always heard that people made money online and in the previous years I had tried my hand in it but with no success. In fact I had lost money to an online con who was recruiting for some “get rich quick now online jobs”, which of course amounted to nothing.

In the month of February 2011, I met this guy who had not only being earning a living from online jobs but was also willing to share his knowledge. I was introduced to professional blogging, article writing and SEO content creation, On-page and Off-page white hat SEO techniques, web hosting and development.

And for the next 5 months, I worked closely with him learning all I could in Inbound Marketing and for the first time, I had use for my Twitter and Facebook accounts. The world of blogging and social media became to me what water is to fish, a do or die.

Talk about a turn around, this encountered changed me and for the first time in a long time, I experienced job satisfaction. In September I stepped out on my own and started offering Professional SEO Content Creation services, coupled with other services such as website hosting and development under and so far so good.

I set up my first blog, in which I highlight issues on healthy pregnancy and baby development. Then later I found the courage to start this blog. I started off by being all business like, only talking about blogging and social media, two topics which I absolutely enjoy engaging on. Then a friend recently mentioned that my blog was impersonal, ouch was the only reaction I could manage then.

So this year, I will try to be more giving and share more on my favorite topics and life experiences.

Although 2011 presented the most difficult financial challenges I have experienced so far, it also opened doors to opportunities beyond my wildest imagination. So I thank God for  2011.




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Pauline is the CEO at Allen Cole, also consults for iWork and Elite Writers Hub. She works with small and medium size organizations to increase their visibility online through corporate blogging, content creation, website development and social media engagement.