Don’t they say live begins at 40, if so then Whitney Houston just lived for 8 years. Once referred to as the ‘Golden Girl of Music’, I think she is gone too soon dying at the age of 48.

A lot will be said and written about how and why she died. How she lived her live and how she should have lived it, that stint with drugs, her marriage to Bobby etc.

I choose to remember her by some of her best work, one of my best being the greatest love of all.

Do you remember the movie, “Waiting To Exhale”, I really enjoyed watching those Divas and the sound tracks made it even more memorable.


Oooh but the “Bodyguard was special, remember when she was singing “Run to you.”

I can gone on and on, Whitney, you were a great woman, may you rest in peace and may your family derive their strength from their memories of you.

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