As a savvy marketer, am sure you are already aware that you must include social media in Kenya  in your online marketing strategy. And must have already put in place a method to the madness, but is it working or has it become a source of nightmare for you and your marketing team?You must have identified the channels that can best work for your brand, narrowed down on the perfect timing to catch your audience online and gone ahead to earnestly create content.

All the above efforts are awesome, however how are these activities translating to tangibles results?

Identifying Your Target Audience in Social Media in Kenya

Just like having a physical  conversation, you cannot start a conversation without identifying a specific person to converse. Again the topic the on which the conversation is based on has to bone e one that both parties can contribute to, so as to have a dialogue.

On Social Media in Kenya, you should apply the same concept. And the best way to go about it, is to first identify who your intended audience is.

The best place to start will be with your existing clients, get their social media handles or encourage them to join you on social media, then you can engage them in conversations. Remember do not only restrict yourself to issues pertaining to your organization only,and do not engage on a selly selly pitch all day long. Then you will become like that  insurance agent (not pun intended) we all love to avoid.

Be informative on issues which your clients current and prospective may be interested in. Anticipate their needs and share this knowledge in the social platforms in form of micro blogs.

You can also contribute to on going conversations on community issues and non controversial national issues. I say non controversial since the last thing you want to do is get your brand associated with an irresponsible outburst.

 Let Your Website Form a Basis for Your Conversations in Social Media in Kenya

Where are you running your social media campaign from?? ….. your corporate office..even I know that…. But I mean online?? Do you have presence online? A website??

A website  is as important as your corporate offices. It serves the same purpose…a place where internet uses…clients or just visitors can come to check out your company and hopefully engage with you.

Your social media efforts would largely benefit from having a website back up/ support the efforts.. A place where you can direct your conversations to make them last longer than a timeline on either Facebook or Twitter.

Social media in KenyaThe posts you share on the social media platforms should be aimed at driving people to our website through either creating curiosity, grabbing their attention so as to engage with you some more or just to promote your products or services.

These should have a link that someone can click on and land on the page you are promoting or an article you would like to share.

So if you do not have a website and are engaging in social media in Kenya, then you are definitely missing the mark.

Go back to the drawing board and start from the basics…start with getting a good website developed. Then incorporate this as a marketing tool and part of the overall marketing strategy. With the website as a base you will also be able to properly measure the ROI and the reaction of your community online.

You can also determine which campaigns are working, which pages are getting more impressions and which products are generating interest from visitors.

It will give you an opportunity to convert leads you generate from online visitors and get them to become loyal clients.

All in all it is vital to ensure that your efforts are not wasted nor the resources invested in this strategy. So go out of your way to lay the right foundations and gain the right skills thus making your marketing on social media in Kenya a sure hit.







Written by: 

Pauline is the CEO at Allen Cole, also consults for iWork and Elite Writers Hub. She works with small and medium size organizations to increase their visibility online through corporate blogging, content creation, website development and social media engagement.