Which one do you think is more effective Social media or Blogging in Kenya?

I am sure you have already concluded it’s social media. Well it could be but did you know that even blogging in Kenya is also a social net working tool. Blogging is however more effective according to me and better results when used as marketing tool.

When you start blogging in Kenya you create a “to go to” place or landing page for your followers or fans. A blog create a base for you to brand yourself, to socialize, to rants and to be controversial if you must.

Blogging in Kenya as a Preference

The one thing that attracted me blogging in Kenya is the simple fact that it is my space. Better still a self –hosted blog allows me to interact with those who we share common interests with, to rants about my frustrations and express myself without fear and can favor.

When I post a blog or an article like this one on any of my blogs, there is an opportunity of receiving visitors and having these visitors leave comments. This is interaction and it helps built relationships online. Social media also gives the same opportunities but with limitations on how many characters one post should have. e.g. with Twitter – 140 characters for on tweet.

Social media sites such as Facebook limit the number of people who will see my post to my friends and fans. Blogging in Kenya on the other is open to any one who has interest in the niches I am writing about.

Use Social Media to Benefit Blogging in Kenya

Blogging in Kenya can benefit from social media; after all it is also a social platform.

You can use social media to direct traffic to your blog or blogs. When you post an article in your blog, using a plugin like Netpublisher it links that post to the social media sites that you subscribe too.

With this you followers can visit your blog, read your post and choose to engage with you and also share it with their followers.

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Pauline is the CEO at Allen Cole, also consults for iWork and Elite Writers Hub. She works with small and medium size organizations to increase their visibility online through corporate blogging, content creation, website development and social media engagement.