Blogging is all about setting a platform on which you can express yourself online. As an entrepreneur or a marketer it is vital in this time and age to embrace all the marketing avenues available to you to position yourself competitively.

It is therefore no brainier that you will want to have a share of action on the internet. Your question now should be how to establish this presence.

Start Blogging about Your Brand

You may already have a website, can having set up that you thought your work ended there. Wrong Move!!

You did not even scratch the surface. One thing you need to know about the internet, is that it works differently from any other mode of communication. Online you will need to attract users to your site by employing Inbound Marketing tactics.

Blogging about your brand means you start providing content to internet users about your brand consistently. Remember a blog is like a diary, where you have to constantly provide updates. This is a good thing since as you provide content on your brand you increase the visibility and your presence online.

Recover Lost Mileage Through Blogging


Once you have started providing content on your blog about your brand, it becomes a way of building relationships with your clients.

You are able to indirectly promote your brand as you give feedback and new information. Word of caution though you should not use your blog posts to only talk about your products; this becomes very predictable and will put off your clients.

Instead choose to talk about issues that your clients may have interest in. e.g. If your brand is a car, then start blogging about the safety tips, defensive driving etc. Giving information that your visitors will find useful and this way they become loyal to your brand since you have shown you care. That is building relationships.

Blogging also allows you gain lost mileage due to lack of initial exposure and the more you blog, the more you get rewarded by search engines such as Google.

Employ SEO while Blogging in Kenya

SEO – search engine optimizing your posts ensures that search engine will see your articles and your brand will be found in SERP – search Engine Result pages. This way you definitely become the authority on your brand.

At this stage no matter who else is talking about your brand you will command majority of the traffic which will be directed to your site.

Other SEO tactics such as link building can also be applied and since they are employed in content then it becomes a piece of cake for you.

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Pauline is the CEO at Allen Cole, also consults for iWork and Elite Writers Hub. She works with small and medium size organizations to increase their visibility online through corporate blogging, content creation, website development and social media engagement.