When I saw the header of this post, Doing the Work is Sexy by Chris Brogan, I muttered out loudly, he must be joking. Then I thought well this is Chris Brogan, surely he must know something about work that I dint. And yeah he has given me a different perspective towards doing what I do not enjoy, yet must be done.

Reflect on your life for a minute, think of all the jobs you have ever held, including your current one, more so if you are self employed!! How many times did you wake up feeling all excited to go to the office? Let me help you out, rarely if ever, BUT you get of bed, to the office and another day bites the dust, why??

Simply because of the reward or if you like the compensation that comes at the end of the month. You put up with this agonizing routine mainly due to the bills you have to pay. But does it have to be this way? Most people think that if only they had money to sort out their bills the rest of their foreseeable then they would never work a day in their life again. Is this the solution, I do not think so?

Imagine you had all bills sorted out and all you had to do was sleep, eat, sleep, eat then sleep again and wake up and eat again, (of course doing all that which comes naturally after eating). But aren’t you working, eating is work otherwise you would then eat through out or lets take sleeping. Have you ever tried to sleep for 24 straight hours, without leaving the confirms of your bed, it is tiring. But should not be, it is not work, yet it makes you tired.

Thinking About Work is not Sexy

My point is, it is not what you do that makes your work tiring, hard, boring and all those  ‘not so sexy’ terms you give it, it is your perception of work. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about your work? That’s the answer and only you can change that picture and Like Chris says, “Make the Work Sexy” read the rest of his article at http://chrisbrogan.com for more.



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