Content creation and the purported value at times feels like it is being over sold. As every so often you will find an “internet marketing guru” in some forum talking about how important it is to create more and more content for your audience.

I have purposefully used the word “purported” in the sentence above. Since if you look at most of the websites our corporates have they have no engaging content. Most of them just have brochure websites and the better ones – if you may be gracious enough to call them so since they have heeded the call and added a blog to their sites.

But all this is in vain – these corporate blogs have instead become their press release bulletin boards and products promotion walls. This is counter productive because instead of attracting more traffic into their sites, they have done the direct opposite.

Create Smart ContentCaptivating Website Content

Can our corporate websites be saved…I believe…. they can.

Blogs (whether hobby, business or corporate) are meant to be captivating…interesting…..value adding… and fun. Not stuck up in your face….sales pitch and bragging… walls.

This year resolve to come up with better and interesting content that visitors to your site will find engaging and they will come back for more.

The HOW…..

  • Start by identifying who your readers are

This will help you meet one of your goals…create relevant content

  • Anticipate your readers needs.

Your readers are most likely your clients. Meaning every time they visit your corporate blog, they are most likely looking for tips or answers to a niche related problem.

You can use questionnaires or even inquire from your sales department of questions your clients frequently ask.

From these you, create blog posts addressing them. Regardless of whether the products they need are those your company deals in or not. As long as it is in your niche market, research on it and provide the information.

These questions and blog posts might even help your company introduce other product lines to tap such a market.

  • Share stories from your company and the community around.

Story telling is a good way of getting people to know who you are as a company. Get to share interesting facts about your business and the general niche market, we all like reading interesting stories.

What Content Share in your Corporate Blog

Creating Smart Content for Corporate Blogs in KenyaThere are different types of content you can share will your audience. From blog posts to videos, photos and music.

We have become more visually and if you take the time to look at the social media sites like Facebook, Piniterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, they are improving the way we share content and making more possible to share more visual content ranging from pictures to videos.

A photo always draws a reader’s attention to a post. In your corporate blog posts, include interesting photos relevant to the subject matter.

  • Make videos of different activities within the company and share them with your readers. Open a YouTube account and upload them….it is Free.
  • You can share how to…… videos of your products and services
  • Record interviews of your staff members on various topics within your niche market and share them.

Becoming a niche leader means you are regarded as the most knowledgeable business your field. To attain such fame then provide informative content such as..

  • Market surveys in your area of expertise
  • Global surveys
  • Current and upcoming trends in your niche market
  • Statistical data and their analysis

You want your company to pass as one that is smart in business, friendly, warm and knowledgeable. You want your readers to trust you to provide them with niche related solutions. This trust will be transferred to your products, thus increasing the numbers of your loyal clients.



Written by: 

Pauline is the CEO at Allen Cole, also consults for iWork and Elite Writers Hub. She works with small and medium size organizations to increase their visibility online through corporate blogging, content creation, website development and social media engagement.