Social Media Marketers

Social Media Marketers

The internet is flooded with thousands of self declared “social media experts “who give all kinds hacks and tips for social media marketers. Most of these “experts” think that merely setting up a social media page and posting once in a while equals effective social media marketing.

This is not so, it is important for you as a budding social media marketer to acknowledge the fact that social media marketing is a process, not a destination. It requires time, dedication and hard work. I hope you heard me right; hard work! You have to work your ass off if you are going to implement a successful social media strategy for your business. You should therefore throw out all those quick fix tips for social media marketers.

Social media marketing has proved to be a game changer for marketers around the world. Today it does not take you thousands of dollars to set up a marketing campaign. All you have to do is use the resources availed by social media.

This also brings in the inherent problem. It levels the playing field therefore thousands of businesses offering the same products are all clamoring for the attention of the same audience. It therefore calls for ingenuity and a lot of hard work from social media marketers.

The following tips for social media marketers can jump start your social media marketing career;

Tips for Social Media Marketers: Getting Started

The first step to an effective social media campaign is to select a platform with which to engage your audience. Of all the tips for social media marketers this is the simplest to implement. There are several social media websites and applications available. The challenge is for you to determine those that will reach your audience best.

If you wish, you can opt to go for more than one platform. However, you should not spread yourself too thin to the point of being ineffective. It is probably best to start with one. Popular social media sites include; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Digg, YouTube, Google+ and many others.

After settling on the best platform for your business, you should set up a page, customize and brand it to reflect your business.

Tips for Social Media Marketers: Content Creation and Submission

This is the most important of all the tips for social media marketers. The content you put out can make or break your marketing campaign. Ask yourself this. Would you read a long and boring sales copy from a company you have never heard of while on your favorite social media platform? If that was a yes, you are either morbidly bored or from another planet.

Tips for Social Media Marketers: Packaging Your Content

You should craft the content for your social media campaign in such a way as to engage the audience. This can be done by suggesting ways to solve a common problem. The marketing language used in a product website should not feature anywhere in your content.

The content you post should be unique and helpful. You should ensure that you post new content regularly to ensure that you keep your audience engaged. Nobody wants to read the same thing over and over again.

If you follow the above tips for social media marketers you should be well on your way to becoming a success in social media marketing.

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Pauline is the CEO at Allen Cole, also consults for iWork and Elite Writers Hub. She works with small and medium size organizations to increase their visibility online through corporate blogging, content creation, website development and social media engagement.