I first heard this term “Paralysis of analysis” from Pastor Ben Courson in a sermon at the on going Springboard Convention 2014 at Citam Valley Road.  Simply put it is the phenomenon of taking no risks due to fear of failure.  So in a misguided way, you choose not to try anything least you fail.

Could this be what most of us are suffering from to the extent that we have infected our youth leading to fewer job opportunities being created hence low youth employment in Kenya?

If you take a trip down memory lane and read up on all the great people, starting with the Bible, to scientists, scholars, world changers, sportsmen and women, they have one scaring thing in common. At some point in their life they had to overcome great personal challenges to be anything. Some could not read, others were crippled, others suffered humiliation and rejection when they knocked on doors. All these did not deter them from pursuing what they believed to be their purpose.

What about you, how many times have you tried a business venture and failed? Do you bounce back or give up?

Kick Out Fear, Create Youth Employment in Kenya

 Fear not failure but the fear of failure- Pst. Ben Courson

There is a lot of money being dished out to the youth by GOK. This money is intended to spur them to start income generating projects which will in-turn create employment opportunities for others.

If you have a business idea, it is time to kick out the fear of failure and strike out. Tell you what you are better off a failure than a coward.

Let courage be your driver as you embark on your journey in starting a business. There will be many hurdles on the way but take heart, others have gone before you and are victorious.

The success of every business depends on how you as the owner view yourself and your idea, a victor/sucess or a failure. Ask yourself questions such as:-

  • Do you believe that your idea is the best there ever was?
  • Are you willing to defend it, even if everyone else thinks you are wasting time?
  • How much sacrifice are you will to make to see it thriving?
  • What do you need to get it off the ground? PLS note; lack of financing is not a good reason……
  • Are you able to separate yourself from your business, could it still run in your absence?
  • Where do you see your business 2years from now, 5 years down the lane, what about 10 years to come?

If you can concretely answer all these questions and like what you see, then go ahead start that business today. One of your greatest advantages is technology. You can easily work from home, all you need is to invest in a good computer and internet connectivity, then build up from here.

Imagine if 20 of us started businesses this month, and in 3 months we are able to add one person to the fold, then in 6 months add one more person….or even more. Now replicate this phenomenon across the 47 counties, how many employment opportunities will we have created?

So do you now think it is possible to create more opportunities for youth employment in Kenya?

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